Software, web & mobile development.

Your website, the internet, facebook, foxfire... you are right to assume these are all in fact one and the same but perhaps you should leave the technical stuff up to us. We can do it all and in fact if you have come up with an idea, chances are we've already done it before and know exactly what we need to do to get it out the door and into the hands of your users.

While we don't agree to be involved in every project, if we like the cut of your jib we are happy to consider it. We might even be so excited about your idea, that we'll do it for free! (Although we'll probably ask for a piece of your soul.) We know that it is hard to get started, and when you have a brilliant idea, and no money, its impossible.

This however, should not stop you talking to our fantastically slick and oily sales people, as we are more than happy to work out a deal. Maybe we can build your lovely, innovative, niche, one-of-a-kind idea, in exchange for lunch and dinner everyday for a year, or an African elephant, or perhaps even your car and the deed to your house. Either way we are sure that we can come up with something that is fair, profitable and equitable for all.

Software Development Software Development

Our software developers are very good at what they do; some have acquired their skills through years of hard work, others through deals with the devil. Either way if its software, we know how to build it and build it well.

Desktop applications we do in our sleep, Database Design & Development is child's play, Consultation and Advisory Roles we've done to death with everyone from small businesses to multinational corporations, CMS and CRM solutions are as easy as 15, 16, 17 (1, 2, 3 is so cliché) and Payment and Billing Systems are a cake walk.

Web Development Web Development

We have built so many websites that when we started there was still an East and West Germany, Nelson Mandela was still in prison and Hubble was not even in space. We are always on top of the current trends and we have never come across something that we couldn't do (the only exception was when it involved something we couldn't do, then we were unable to do it).

Mobile Development Mobile Development

So you have an idea for an iPhone app or an Android app or maybe just a mobile app in general...? GREAT! You've thought to yourself, everyone is doing it so it cant be that hard to make your own. Only to realise that you have to have 17 degrees in physics, maths and software engineering, just to figure out how to get some text on the screen. Never fear our nerds can do that and whole lot more. We are even happy to pretend that you did it all on your own.