Online marketing strategies.

This is a tricky one; people seem to be very confused with all the different buzzwords surrounding online marketing: SEO, Online advertising, etc. But you know what, its really simple: it's all the same stuff. Its your ad, floating out there in cyberspace like a galactic warrior battling the foes of cheap Viagra, mail-order brides and something to do with enlarging pens.

Online marketing involves three distinct but equally important parts. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social media advertising and Online advertising. Once we are done providing our expert SEO magic, your project will look so appealing to search engines that they will more than likely buy your project jewellery and wine and dine it, in the hopes that they can get into its pants. We won't stop there however, as the search engines pine over it, we will whore out your project by advertising it everywhere. Like when you really want attention so you put ads in the naughty part of the newspaper.

The combination of all of these components leads to your project being the belle of the ball. Everyone is desperate for its attention. Your project is all grown up now and even you are having inappropriate thoughts about it.

Google AdWords, Microsoft AdSense and Yahoo! advertising, have you used these things??? OMG they are impossible to use. CPM, CPC, CTR, PPC etc. what do these terms mean? Its like they aren't even speaking English. Luckily we have some boffins here who know what they are doing.
Search Engine Optimisation
Did you know 3 out 3 search engine users have used a search engine? That is something you should think about seriously, if you want to have a competitive edge with your project. Your project probably has twelve million competitors and SEO is much like hiring a trained assassin to take them out and prevent them from getting in your way.